Pelfreybilt Off-Road White Toyota Tacoma | Peacock Flats
September, 2015 marked our first trip to Oahu, Hawaii. We went to the islands for a couple of reasons. The first reason was to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Secondly, we wanted to finally meet our Hawaiian customers and tackle the Peacock Flats!

We’ve always felt a special connection to our Hawaiian customers. That connection grew much stronger during our trip to Peacock Flats on the island of Oahu. Tyler and I didn’t have our Toyota with us, so we rented a Jeep and wheeled the heck out of it. After all — you don’t have to worry about breaking a rental! We thoroughly enjoyed the wet, muddy trail up to Peacock Flats. The trail was great, but the gorgeous tropical views may have been even better!

As we pulled onto Peacock Flats, several families in the group were already setting up — prepping dinner and settling in for the evening. We were welcomed with true Aloha: hugs and delicious food and drinks. Since we couldn’t bring any of our own camping gear, our hosts were gracious enough to lend us tents and sleeping bags.

Tacomaworld & Pelfreybilt at Peacock Flats, Hawaii 2015

Link to Nathan’s video: Freedom Media

Some of our other customers weren’t able to attend the Peacock Flats event, but they still wanted to spend time with us. They met us for lunch, took us to dinner and on a hike to the falls, and loaned us snorkeling gear — the hospitality was endless! It was an amazing experience for both of us to meet such an incredibly gracious and loving group of customers and friends! We’ve never felt more welcomed, loved, and appreciated than we did with our #PelfreybiltOhana.

Throughout the caring for, and then passing of my Daddy, the #PelfreybiltOhana showered me and my family with flowers, delicious treats, and beautiful cards filled with words of encouragement. The outpouring of love continues as we watch our Ohana grow across the islands. We are humbled at the huge ripple effect caused by simply choosing to cross the Ocean to the Hawaiian Islands!

Mahalo! You make our lives richer by being part of the growing #PelfreybiltFamily

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