Happy New Year #pelfreybiltfamily!!
What an amazing year it has been for Pelfreybilt!!  We are so happy to share these positive changes with you, so would like to take this time to do a recap on all that has happened during 2016!

2016 in Review:
We released a full line of 2016+ Tacoma Armor which some people seem to not be aware of, so spread the word! We have front and rear bumpers, skids and sliders! We’re about ready to release the gate version of the hi-clearance rear bumper as well!

After juggling a full-time job while running Pelfreybilt for the past 4 years, we are thrilled to say that Tyler was able to quit his full-time job in June, so he could dedicate all his attention to Pelfreybilt!  This is a huge step for us! We will now have his undivided attention allowing for more product design, which leads to amazing new Pelfreybilt armor!

Pelfreybilt, Anza Borrego, Camping and Exploring Adventure

#pelfreybiltfamily | Anza Borrego, California | Camping and Exploring Adventure

We were blessed with the opportunity to do a little more traveling this year, including a video shoot in Anza Borrego, CA and a video shoot with Optima Battery that lead us all the way up to Montana via Morrison Jeep Trail out of Wyoming. In addition, we spent a week in Moab, Utah for Rock Therapy, a weekend in Flagstaff, Arizona for Overland Expo West, and Portland, Oregon for the Portland Auto Convention where one of our customers (lawndartdesign) had his rig showcased in the 503 Motoring booth.  It’s been a fun adventure and we are super excited about hitting the road even more during 2017!  We hope you’ll join us on a few of the events, so stay tuned for the details of these upcoming events by subscribing to our blog!

Pelfreybilt, Defconbrix, Morrison Jeep Trail, Adventuremobile

On Location with Defconbrix | Morrison Jeep Trail, Wyoming | Optima Batteries Adventure

So stoked to have such a beautifully improved website!  While still working through a couple kinks, and have some more products to add to the site, it’s much more efficient and looks so much cleaner than our last site. You can say we are pretty jazzed about it!

Toyota Tacoma, Pelfreybilt, Armor, offroad, moab

Rock Therapy, Moab | Photographer lawndartdesign.com

We hired a full-time sales manager, Michael Meier, who was first a customer of ours and volunteered his time to help us during the past two Overland Expo West shows. We love his enthusiasm and passion for Pelfreybilt so appreciate having him on #teampelfreybilt. Please feel free to welcome him if you haven’t already and hit him up with any questions you may have. Michael and Satin both manage the Pelfreybilt TacomaWorld account together or you may reach him via email michael@pelfreybilt.com or by phone at extension 102.

We moved our shop from multiple bays into a new facility, twice the size and now located in Lemon Grove!  Having everything under one roof has allowed for a better work flow of our staff as well as better production. While we have already outgrown the new shop, we’re making the best of it and just continuing to re-evaluate our processes and procedures to make us more efficient.

We’re stoked to say our lead times have decreased substantially since we first started Pelfreybilt:

-All Front Plate Bumpers are IN STOCK bare and can ship within 3-5 business days. Adding a hoop and/or powdercoating brings the lead time to 3-4 weeks except during holidays or sales where it goes up to 4-6 weeks

-Skid plates are IN STOCK bare and can ship within 2-3 business days. Adding powder coating brings the lead time to 1-2 weeks

-Battery cages, fuse panels and hi-lift mounts are all IN STOCK & ready to ship within 1-2 business days

We are currently streamlining the production of all our rear bumpers and sliders, so the lead times will improve drastically for 2017!

Please continue to tag us in your photos and videos on social media by utilizing the tag feature in Instagram: @pelfreybiltoffroad and utilize the #pelfreybiltfamily and #getbehindthepassion hashtags!  Our marketing team loves to pull your photos and repost them so keep your photos crisp, clean & high quality, then tag us so we can repost!

We are utterly amazed at the loyalty and support of the #pelfreybiltfamily. You have stood beside us through some major growing pains, personal loss (Satin’s father passing) and production issues that were beyond our control. Your support, encouraging words and loyalty has meant everything to us and we want you to know we don’t take that lightly! Thank you!

#teampelfreybilt wishes our #pelfreybiltfamily all the very best in 2017! May your adventures be many, your memories beloved and may the #pelfreybiltfamily continue to grow in numbers and strength as we #armorup #getbehindthepassion and #adventureon



Craig Sturm (The Beast)

I hope to connect with u guys this year. When is Moab Rock Therapy? I’m hosting my daughters wedding June3rd in Moab.


Craig, a wedding in Moab sounds amazing! It looks like the organizers are proposing a new time of year for the Rock Therapy event, Oct 18-21. You can follow along with all the event updates here: TacomaWorld Rock Therapy 2017

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