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2005-2015 Tacoma Standard Rear Bumper


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Also Available in Steel
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2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma Standard Rear Bumper with Hidden Hitch with Flip Down License Plate Holder

This is a direct replacement bumper that will use the factory license plate lights and trailer wiring harness. The hidden hitch feature adds a substantial amount of additional clearance. While not rated, this bumper is designed & tested for factory recommended tow capacity.

Recommended Lights:
S2 Pro, LED Wide Cornering, Flush Mount Pair | Baja Designs  (47-7808)

Bumper weighs 85 pounds.

All bumpers come bare, with 3/4″ D-ring mounts & hidden hitch
Includes reverse light cutouts w/ filler plates. Cutouts designed for Baja Designs S2 Flush Mounts (Sold separately). Includes flip-up license plate mount

Frame mounting points are 1/2″ steel. Main structure is 3/16″.

2005-2015 Tacoma Standard Rear Bumper

Current Lead time: 2-3 weeks BARE, 3-4 weeks POWDER COATED (Lead times are approximate)

Installation Instructions

Technical Specs

Flush Mount S2 Pro PN 48-1001
2005-2015 Tacoma Standard Rear Bumper INSTALLATION

Start by removing the factory bumper. Strip off th e hitch harness and all the lighting. Remove the 5 bolts that mount bumper and hitch combo to the frame. These bolts will be reused. The bumper has a locating pin that needs to be dislodged by pulling up and out on bumper You can now install the bumper. I t will need to be pushed into place both upward and to the front of the truck because of the frame taper. Once it is in place close enough to start a couple bolts, add the bolts and then you can make final adjustments. Large diameter washers are provided a nd should be used on the bumper mount bolts. Due to the variations in the locations of the floating frame nuts the front top holes may not be able to be used. The license plate flip bracket and the wiring harness will be mounted using the provided ¼” screws. The factory license plate lights will be reused and mounted using the provided #8 hardware.

Full Installation Instructions


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