05-16 Tacoma Gas Tank Skidplate bottom
2005+ Tacoma / All Configurations

2005-2018 Tacoma Aluminum Gas Skid


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2005-2018 Toyota Tacoma Aluminum Gas Skid: Gas Tank Aluminum

This Pelfreybilt Gas Tank skid is designed to replace the factory plastic gas tank skid found on TRD Off Road Models. If your vehicle did not com equipped with a factory gas tank skid you will need to replace your gas tank straps with the TRD Off Road version straps, Toyota P/N 7760104020 & 7760204020

All skids are laser cut & formed from 3/16″ aluminum.

Models that do not have factory skid will need tank hangers with attachment points (standard on TRD off road models).

2005-2018 Tacoma Aluminum Gas Skid

Current Lead time: 6-8 weeks lead time; currently backordered.  Normally, 3-4 days when in stock, 1-2 weeks POWDER COATED (Lead times are approximate)

Installation Instructions

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Technical Specs

2005+ Tacoma / All Configurations
Cab/Bed Configuration
Access Cab/Double Cab Short Bed & Double Cab Long Bed
2005-2018 Tacoma Aluminum Gas Skid INSTALLATION

Installation should be done with ¼ tank of gas or less, the tank expands and makes it more difficult to get the nuts started. Remove the factory plastic skid (TRD Off Road Models). The (4) nuts will be reused for the new skid plate. NOTE: If you do not have a factory skid you will need to purchase new gas tank hanger straps for the TRD Off Road model, they have the necessary studs required for installation. Lift Gas-skid with a jack and align the studs with the 4 mounting holes. You may need to apply pressure with the jack near the studs to allow enough stud to be exposed to g et the nut started. Once all of the nuts are in place you can install the front bolts (provided 3/8″ hardware) There is a custom washer plate that goes on top of the cross-member that the bolts go thru. Add the washers and nuts and tighten. Final tightening: Work your way around the skid tightening up t he bolts evenly.

Full Installation Instructions


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