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2005+ Tacoma / All Configurations

2005-2018 Tacoma Aluminum IFS Skid


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Also Available in Steel
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2005-2018 Toyota Tacoma Aluminum IFS Skid: IFS Aluminum

This Pelfreybilt IFS Skid provides protection of the IFS components, Alignments Cam Tabs, Oil Pan and rear engine area. The IFS skid has an access hole for the oil drain plug.

This skid plate will not work with a differential drop kit. Smaller diff-drop kits less than 1/2″ inch may fit by using washers to shim the skid plate down.  We do not suggest using a diff-drop kit when installing after-market suspension.

Skids are laser cut & formed from 1/4″ aluminum and come with Pelfreybilt logo.

2005-2018 Tacoma Aluminum IFS Skid

Current Lead time: 6-8 week lead time; currently backordered. Normally 3-4 days when in stock, 1-2 weeks POWDER COATED (Lead times are approximate)

Installation Instructions

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Technical Specs

2005+ Tacoma / All Configurations
2005-2018 Tacoma Aluminum IFS Skid Installation

Remove factory skid plate(s) you will re-use 2 of the 8mm bolts (12mm socket) from the factory skids. Remove front skid plate mounting channels, 6ea 12mm bolts (17mm socket), you will reuse 4 of the 12mm bolts. NOTE: This skid plate will not work with differential drop kits. Smaller drop kits <1/2″ may fit by using washers to shim skid plate down. Use a jack to lift the IFS skid in place, close enough to start bolts. Use 4ea 12mm factory bolts for front 4 holes on skid and 8mm bolts for rear 2 holes; leave bolts hand tight if attaching a mid-skid. Final tightening: Work your way around the skid tightening up the bolts evenly.

Full Installation Instructions


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