05-16 Tacoma Mid Transmission Skidplate top
2005+ Tacoma / All Configurations

2005-2018 Tacoma Aluminum MID Skid


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Also Available in Steel
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2005-2018 Toyota Tacoma Aluminum MID Skid: Mid Skid Aluminum

This Pelfreybilt Mid Skid protects the Transmission and serves as a theft deterrent for the Catalytic converters. *2016+ Models will need to remove the Catalytic Converter Guards for installation, this skid will replace them. *IFS Skid is required for installation of the Mid Skid. Certain 2wd models will not work due to crossmember location

Skids are laser cut & formed from 1/4″ aluminum.

2005-2018 Tacoma Aluminum MID Skid

Current Lead time: 3-4 days when in stock, 1-2 weeks POWDER COATED (Lead times are approximate)

Installation Instructions

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Technical Specs

2005+ Tacoma / All Configurations
2005-2018 Tacoma Aluminum MID Skid Installation

2016+ Models will need to remove the cross-member tubes that cover the Catalytic Converters. Remove 10mm nuts only from 4 bolts (16mm socket) on transmission cross-member. The nuts should be to rear of truck, if the nuts are to the front, remove bolts one at a time, and put them thru so that the nuts are on the back of the cross-member. If adding a transfer case skid remove one at a time and replace with supplied 3/8-16 x 5″ grade 8 bolts and washers. Lift Mid-skid with a jack and place angled front lip over the t op of the IFS skid. Lift the rear of the skid to locate onto the factory cross-member bolts. Fasten the two skids together using supplied hardware (3/8-16 x 1″ bolts, nuts, flat and lock washers). All hardware should be hand tight at this point. Final tightening: Work your way around the skid tightening up t he bolts evenly.

Full Installation Instructions


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