05-16 Tacoma Rear Transfer Case Skidplate Stock Exhaust bottom
2005+ Tacoma / All Configurations

2005-2018 Tacoma Aluminum Rear Skid (stock exhaust)


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2005-2018 Toyota Tacoma Aluminum Rear Skid: Rear Skid Aluminum for STOCK exhaust

This stock exhaust version of the Pelfreybilt Rear Skid has a drop down area that covers the exhaust crossover on V6 4×4 models. This skid provides coverage of the Transfer Case

Skids are laser cut & formed from 1/4″ aluminum.

Rear Transfer Skid requires drilling two 1/2″ holes into bottom of frame.

2005-2018 Tacoma Aluminum Rear Skid

Current Lead time: 3-4 days when in stock, 1-2 weeks POWDER COATED (Lead times are approximate)

Installation Instructions

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Technical Specs

2005+ Tacoma / All Configurations
2005-2018 Tacoma Aluminum Rear Skid Installation

With the 3/8 bolts slightly protruding beyond the mid-skid lift the transfer case skid with a jack and locate it on the 4 bolts. Add nuts and washers and tighten. At this point these bolts should be snugged down to locate rear holes for drilling. The two rear holes should be drilled at this point using a 17/32″ drill. Using the skid as a guide drill thru the frame with the 17/32″ drill. We suggest using cutting oil. The frame is thick and difficult to drill thru, using a jack to apply additional force may be handy, do so with extreme caution. After holes are drilled install supplied ½-13 x 1-1/4″ bolts from the bottom and put flat and lock washer on top, thread nut on and torque down.

Full Installation Instructions


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