4runner.lawndart.32005-2016 Tacoma Bolt On Rock Siders with Top Plates
2010-2016 4Runner / SR5, Pro Edition

2010+ 4Runner Bolt on Sliders


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2010+ Toyota 4Runner Bolt on Sliders

Direct bolt on, no drilling required


Hybrid Tubing configuration, 2.0″ x .120″ wall Square HREW, Main tube and Mounting legs.  Outer tube is 1.75″ x .120″ wall Round DOM. Mounting Plates are 1/4″ Steel

Weighs approximately 100# per set

Top Plates and Powder Coating are extra available options

2010-2018 4Runner Bolt on Sliders

Current Lead time: 12-14 weeks (Lead times are approximate)

Technical Specs

2010-2016 4Runner / SR5, Pro Edition
2014-2017 4Runner Bolt on Slider INSTALLATION

The SR5 and TRD Pro models will bolt directly up using supplied hardware. Trail Edition vehicles with the KDSS have a different driver’s side slider that has different mounting plates to work around the KDSS. You will need to remove the lower supply line skid plate and the supply line mounts from the frame. The slider mounting plate will slide under the supply line mounts. You may need to lightly pry the lines out to slide the slider under the lines. The supplied hardware should be used in place of the factory hardware where the supply lines mount; the supplied hardware is higher strength. Once the slider is in place you can replace the factory supply line skid. The sliders should be tightened down to approximately 40ft/lbs and rechecked frequently. For heavy use it is a good idea to make a few small welds at the base of the sliders to prevent any slight deflection and potential loosening of the hardware. This is not a requirement but a good measure for people that will be putting their vehicles through heavy abuse.

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  1. (verified owner)

    It took just about 14 weeks to the day to receive my sliders (this was the stated lead time) I picked them up at FedEx they come on a long
    pallet strapped down wrapped with clear pallet wrap. I ordered bare metal, upon inspection I would swear the welds were done by a robot, they are that perfect, no welding splatter anywhere. They weight around 50lbs each, heavy square tubing reinforced at all the stress points with 90 degree plates with heavy tubing I would think mandrel bent as there are no indents anywhere around the bends.. Each side is engraved passenger side/ drivers side, for those challenged people I guess, they only go on one way. All bolt holes aligned perfectly as did the cut-outs to avoid frame mounted factory items. They went on flawlessly! About 20 minutes a side. I did snap one of the flange bolts and had to drill it out, maybe a bad one or I simply put too much torque on it. I plan on placing a few welds as recommended but that’s it. They can definitely be used as steps for the vertically challenged people, but I opted not to get the top plates.The front comes out approx 3 inches from the lower part of the door and the rear is approx 5 inches. The metal needed VERY little sanding if any, I used a scotch brite pad with acetone to scuff and remove oil before painting, there was nothing to really sand, no imperfections. Pricey, you get what you pay for I would do it again and will recommend Pelfreybilt whenever I can. Just a note about the staff, everyone I interacted with was great! All my questions answered, calls were returned and an email with tracking numbers sent when they were shipped. Next purchase will be their bumper.

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