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2014-2016 4Runner / Pro Edition

2014+ 4Runner Aluminum Front Plate Bumper (TRD PRO)


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2014+ Toyota 4Runner Aluminum Front Plate Bumper (TRD PRO EDITION) with square fog cutouts & 30″ LED bar cutout & LED cover

This Pelfreybilt Front Bumper comes standard with winch mounting provisions

Suggested lighting:
Baja Designs S8-30″ Driving Combo Light Bar (70-3003)
Baja Designs Squadron Sport-Pair, Wide Cornering Fog Lights (55-7805)

All bumpers come standard with:

_1/4″ Steel Formed Reinforcement Brackets
_ 3/4″ D-ring mounts.
_ 30″ Single Row LED light bar and fog light cutouts.
_ 30″ light bar cutout filler plate included with purchase

2014-2017 4Runner Aluminum Front Plate Bumper

Current Lead time: 2-3 weeks BARE, 3-5 weeks POWDER COATED (Lead times are approximate)

Technical Specs

2014-2016 4Runner / Pro Edition
2014-2017 4Runner Aluminum Front Plate Bumper Installation Instructions

Start by removing the factory bumper. The bumper has several bolts and clips at the bottom and in the wheel wells; be sure all clips and bolts are removed and then the bumper will pop out toward the front. NOTE: The black plastic “click in” pieces that hold the factory plastic bumper should be removed, they are located at the outermost part of the fenders near the headlights. The black plastic radiator shrouds will also need to be removed. Next step is to remove the factory aluminum crash bumper, it is held on by 8 bolts, 3 on each side. Save the bolts, they will be reused. Before mounting all of your accessories onto the bumper it is a good idea to do a test fit. With two people minimum, carefully lift the bumper up onto the studs, use caution not to hit the fend ers with the bumper. 3 people are ideal, two to lift and one to start the bolts. Check alignment, the bumper can be raised and lowered to fit each different truck. The tilt of the bumper can be manipulated if needed by adjusting the location of the L – Sharp reinforcement bracket.

2014-2017 4Runner Aluminum Front Plate Bumper

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  1. ★★★★★

    Absolute beast of a bumper matched with lines that often get mistaked for factory options. This is without a doubt the best option of aftermarket front bumper for the 4Runner.

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