2016+ Tacoma / Double Cab Long Bed

2016-2017 4WD Tacoma 90″ Bolt On Sliders


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2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma Sliders: Sliders 90″ Tapered Kickout Bolt On | Tacoma 90 Bolt On Sliders

Direct Bolt on sliders, no drilling required.** These will fit Double Cab Long Bed models only.

Hybrid Tubing configuration, 2.0″ x .120″ wall Square HREW, Main tube and Mounting legs.  Outer tube is 1.75″ x .120″ wall Round DOM. Mounting Plates are 1/4″ Steel

Rock Sliders bolt on directly into existing frame holes

Weighs approximately 100# per set

Top Plates and Powder Coating are extra available options

**Certain Models may require drilling two holes as Toyota has recently made some minor frame changes


Tacoma 90 Bolt On Sliders

Current Lead time: 12-14 weeks (Lead times are approximate)

Technical Specs

2016+ Tacoma / Double Cab Long Bed

Tacoma 90″ Bolt On Sliders

Sliders should be prepped and painted or powder coated prior to installation for best results. Mask mounting areas from paint or powder.

Please Note: Certain model years may have a frame rivet or two toward the rear that needs to be ground flush prior to installation. Certain 2016+ models will need to drill (2) holes per side for mounting, do to variations from Toyota Factories.

Before beginning installation be sure to remove the bottom 10MM bolt on the lower side of the frame. Place the rectangular washer in the front cross-member, once the sliders are lifted into place this is no longer accessible. All nut plates are oriented with the nuts to the inboard side of the vehicle. The driver side and passenger side large 2 hole nut plates should be placed into the front section of the frame at this time.

The driver’s side of the frame has 2 brake line clips that must be pulled away from the frame to allow for the large front nut plate to be inserted into the forward boxed area of the frame. Some 2016+ models have a small box on the driver side that makes manipulating the brake lines more difficult, removing this box temporarily will ease the installation. The rear brake line clip will be reinstalled using the supplied 1” brake line spacer. The spacer will allow manipulation of the brake lines to be easier. THIS BRACKET DOES NOT ENSURE CLEARANCE OF THE LINES. This will be bolted to the frame using the hole that is was clipped into and the supplied ¼” screw and washer. THE BRAKE LINES NEED TO BE MANIPULATED AND SHAPED AROUND THE BOLTS AND OTHER POTENTIAL CONTACT POINTS TO ENSURE THEY DO NOT RUB.

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Tacoma 90 Bolt On Sliders


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