4Runner Gated Bumper
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4 Runner 2010-2017 Standard Rear Bumper, with Gate. The gate includes a Hi-lift mount (HI-LIFT NOT INCLUDED) fold down table inside (D) side gate, integrated tow hitch, license plate mount w/light, reverse light cutouts, antenna mount (antenna not included), dual mounting plates (carriers themselves sold separately) Mounting options are a combination of (2) of the following: CO2 tank carrier, Propane tank carrier, and single NATO (fuel) can carrier. (NATO CAN, CO2 TANK and PROPANE TANK SOLD SEPARATELY)


CO2 TANK CARRIER: https://www.pelfreybilt.com/?post_type=product&p=21073&preview=true

PROPANE TANK CARRIER: https://www.pelfreybilt.com/?post_type=product&p=21076&preview=true

NATO CARRIER: https://www.pelfreybilt.com/?post_type=product&p=21078&preview=true

4Runner Gated Bumper
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