Fuse Panel (Automatic)
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2005+ Tacoma, 2008+ FJ, 2010+ 4Runner, 03-09 Lexus 470


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Toyota Tacoma/4Runner/FJ: Fuse Panel Block Bracket in 1/8″ Aluminum for Automatic Transmission Fuse Panel (Automatic).

Recommended Circuit Breaker & Fuse Block: Details and links on bottom of page. 

Fuse Panel (Automatic)

Current Lead time: 3-4 days when in stock (Lead times are approximate)

Fuse Panel
Fuse Panel (Automatic)

Technical Specs

2005+ Tacoma, 2008+ FJ, 2010+ 4Runner, 03-09 Lexus 470

Recommended Circuit Breaker & Fuse Block:

BlueSeas 285 series circuit breakers found here: https://www.bluesea.com/products/category/14/32/Circuit_Breakers/285-Series?Mounting=Panel_Mount

BlueSeas 12 position blade style fuse block found here: https://www.bluesea.com/products/5026/ST_Blade_Fuse_Block_-_12_Circuits_with_Negative_Bus_and_Cover

Bussman Version

Thermal circuit breakers provides medium duty circuit protection for 25 to 150 Amp loads when switching and circuit protection are both required.

  • Visible reset lever shows open condition
  • Trip-free—cannot be held closed after trip
  • Drop in replacement for 185-Series Circuit Breakers


Bussman 15303 Fuse Panel found here:


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